ArtSugar x Flawless Foundation: A Thoughtful Collaboration

ArtSugar x Flawless Foundation: A Thoughtful Collaboration

My friend Barbara Borozan, who I met at Cornell (both of us graduated in 2009), recently introduced me to Flawless Foundation, which she sits on the board of. As an artist, I was particularly and immediately drawn to its mission: to shed light on the conversation of mental health, something that has historically been a taboo subject to discuss. It has been proven that the therapeutic capabilities art has on the psyche are boundless. And being an artist myself, I know first hand creating art helps us explore our emotions, improve our self-esteem, and of course, express ourselves. For these reasons, I am honored and touched to partner with Flawless Foundation. 

"Our core value at the Flawless Foundation is holistic health––we believe that the arts are crucial to healing and well being. We are honored to partner with Alix Greenberg at ArtSugar to bring the gift of wellness to all. Alix's powerful mission of corporate responsibility combined with her inspiring creative force is a flawless gift to the world, and we are grateful to be a part of it." - Janine Francolini, Founder Flawless Foundation.

I learned recently that the peacock is a symbol of integrity and the beauty achievable when we endeavor to show our inner-selves, our true colors.  So, it is not surprising that the Peacock is the Flawless Foundation's mascot and logo. In my attempt to embody the spirit and mission of this wonderful organization, I chose the peacock as the subject matter, focusing solely on the feathers, zeroing in so close, the peacock becomes abstracted.

The outcome entitled Peacock Feather is pictured here. ArtSugar produced a limited run of 50 8x10 inch limited edition prints, with 50% of the proceeds benefiting Flawless Foundation. Clicking the image will take you to the product page.

a painting on the wall

"The Flawless Foundation is revolutionizing the way society perceives mental health. We are passionate about ensuring people feel supported in their quest to live a happier life - free of any judgement or discrimination. I’m proud for the opportunity to work with ArtSugar in order to promote our mission. Alix’s ArtSugar platform is truly amazing (as are the artworks available on the site). It’s a beautiful way to support both artists and various causes - a really special combination - and the Flawless Foundation is honored to be a part of it." - Barbara Borozan, Board of Directors for Flawless Foundation

Again, it is an honor to partner with Flawless Foundation on this thoughtful collaboration. I am excited to join forces for such an important cause.

-Alix Greenberg, Founder and CEO, ArtSugar  



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