Kate Woodliff O’Donnell


Kate seeks to represent life in a hyper-realistic way. Using colored pencil, every detail is considered and rendered, bringing to the viewer vivid colors, sparkle and glow, love and nostalgia. Kate’s work goes beyond realism in a contemporary way. Kate lives and works in Colorado and can be found running the mountain trails near Boulder, Colorado. Kate’s art has been exhibited in New York, London, Miami, Colorado and across the United States. See More from Alix Greenberg

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Luxury meets nostalgia in this work that makes us crave the finer things while bringing up feelings of childhood (think: grandma's pocketbook!). Beautifully rendered in the artist's signature photo-realistic style, Kate Woodliff O'Donnell collaborates with ArtSugar in the form of framed prints and acrylic prints of this exclusive design for the very first time.