Bari Wieselman Schulman

      Modern abstract artist and writer, Bari Wieselman Schulman has always been thinking and doing differently. A creative and analytical mashup, Bari is obsessed with color and language and fascinated by self-expression through style and space. Bari's artwork encourages us to see things differently; immersive journeys into saturated color, contrast, and texture, her fine art and art objects play with unique juxtapositions and diverse media, invoking experimentation, exploration, and thought-provoking dialogue. With a deeply intuitive approach and process, Bari's work is characterized by a sensory and emotional intensity that sparks a delicious tension; the desire to touch the colors, layers, and forms is almost irresistible. Drawing from a background in psycholinguistics and human behavior, her pieces urge viewers to fully engage, transforming from curious observer into dialogic participant, with color as the lingua franca. Chicago-born and rooted in Madrid, Bari and her family love music, design, food, language, and experimenting with all of the above.