Welcome Lauren Benrimon to ArtSugar

Welcome Lauren Benrimon to ArtSugar

We are excited to introduce Lauren to ArtSugar! View her page here! 

Lauren Benrimon (b.1992) is a New York City based artist known for her vibrant, wild use of color, texture and rhythmic paintings. She works primarily in painting and photography, among other mediums, which she studied at The School of Visual Arts. As a daughter of a gallery owner, Lauren has been deeply influenced by Modern and Contemporary artists Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell, and Andy Warhol. Lauren’s paintings fuse Pop’s vibrant colors from contemporary culture with gestural movements of Abstract Expressionism. Her process-based paintings are personal autobiographical narratives of inner thoughts and expression, moments of motion, and lived experience. They translate perceptions of beauty, fervor for contemporary culture, and are inspired by places traveled. With no planning or preparatory sketches, one intuitive gesture informs the next. Traces of Lauren’s passionate movements in the paint are evident for the viewer to see. Dynamic color and medium transform the blank canvas into a three-dimensional textural space. Lauren employs the natural force of gravity to form thick acrylic reliefs across the canvas, creating a sense of materiality and body within the works. Layered paint, shadows, light, and color reflections evoke physical and tactical experience. The paintings also contain a participatory aspect, as shadows and light shift in relation to the viewer’s perspective and in new environments. Lauren’s exuberant style creates a structural and spatial playfulness. She simultaneously pays homage to art movements of the past, while pushing their boundaries with her exciting contemporary flair.



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