Welcome Darra Sargent | Dear Darling Design Studio!

Welcome Darra Sargent | Dear Darling Design Studio!

ArtSugar is excited to welcome Darra to our art family. She is a color loving artist based in Baltimore, MD. She uses many mediums to convey her message including watercolor and digital painting but all of her pieces are tied together by her bright color palette. Darra has cultivated a signature style by including a rainbow aesthetic in every piece. She believes that color is the best way to evoke emotion in a viewer and wants to use as much of it as she can. Her work is sure to put a smile on your face and make you feel like you're lying below a double rainbow on a beautiful day. She has a lot of hand lettered pieces and portraiture in her personal portfolio and works full time creating beautiful pieces using words and illustrations for weddings and events. Her use of color and texture has helped her get her work featured on CBS news, Yahoo, Access Online, Popsugar and many more.

Darra launches with four exclusive, uplifting pieces on ArtSugar: each with a wonderful, motivational message. 

Read below each piece for what the work means, in Darra's own words:

She's a Rainbow - This piece was painted digitally with apple pencil using my custom designed watercolor brushes. Painted to remind you that you are a MOTHA funkin RAINBOW!

It's Ok  - This piece was drawn digitally with apple pencil. The background was made by scanning in watercolor textures on paper, and drawing colorful hearts on top of it. The quote was hand lettered in a 1970s vintage inspired style. Painted to remind you that even though you are capable of doing anything you hope to, that it can't all be done at once.

Don't Do It -  This piece is watercolor on paper. It was painted using only three colors and allowing them to mix on the page to create all of the colors of the rainbow! Painted to remind you that sometimes our mind plays tricks on us, and that we cannot believe every negative thought that comes into our head.



Don't Quit - This piece was painted using watercolors and metallic watercolors on cotton paper. Painted to remind you that all butterflies start out as caterpillars, so don't give up before the magic happens.


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