Shopping for decorations can always be challenging, but the specific struggles millennials experience with housing, economics, and design trends can make it even more difficult.  One of the most difficult things to do is to find affordable art and home décor that can spruce up your space while also staying under budget.  Fortunately, with the wealth of resources the digital world has provided, there are some new and unique ways to decorate your space and improve your home’s interior design.

Social media like Instagram and Facebook has created a unique avenue for artists and designers to publish their work and make it available to the masses. 

Unfortunately, for those of us millennials who are “design-challenged,” for lack of a better term, it is difficult to figure out the best pieces of art with which to decorate, even if we have themes or ideas in mind.  We all have our favorite ideas and have seen things on Instagram or Facebook that we’ve said, “I wish I could hang that in my house.”  Fortunately, ArtSugar has created an option for you.  Influencers have crafted and promoted some excellent pieces of art, but it is difficult to sift through the vast majority of pieces in order to find the right items for our theme, budget, and space.  


Fortunately, ArtSugar has you covered, allowing you to find the perfect piece of wall art or décor for your house or apartment – or even to use as a gift.  All of these pieces of fabulous art from designers and influencers have been compiled and curated to do the sifting for you, making your decisions easier and giving you better access to high quality art and design than you could imagine.  Millennials are opting away from pieces by artists like Monet or Jackson Pollock.  Instead, a new style of design has taken over, leading to artwork that spans the photorealistic, the bizarre, and the whimsical – all captured or designed by others just like us.  Social media has given every individual the ability to capture and create stunning pieces of art and has enabled them to share it with the world instantly.  The main drawback, until now, has been the ability to refine and curate that content and present it in a way that you can use for fashionable décor for your home.

All of this art is curated with a specific eye for your unique design tendencies.  This is art you will love and appreciate – items that belong on your wall, not locked away in a museum.  The exciting thing about this is the breadth of options that are available because of the wealth of home décor items created by Instagram influencers, designers, and people just like you.  Instagram shopping can offer you a variety of different designs that appeal directly to things in which you are interested, and ArtSugar accumulates it all in one place for you.  This is the new wave of home decorating, interior design, and art purchasing.  But how does it help millennials – especially those of us on a tight budget or in a small apartment?

ArtSugar has curated collections and created options for every different need.  First of all, their influencer curated collections come in various sizes and packages, allowing you to tailor your design to fit an entire wall (such as a gallery wall above your bed of your favorite images of dog photos) or to select an individual piece of art for display on a table or desk.  Interior design has never been simpler, especially for millennials trying to deck out their new home!  

Even better, ArtSugar has crafted different options for purchasing or renting artwork depending on your needs.  You can choose to purchase the piece to have it forever after and decorate whatever space you choose, or you can select an option to rent out specific pieces for a period of time.  This gives you the flexibility to return pieces if you don’t have the money or space, or choose you’d rather have something else on the wall.  As an indecisive person, that’s a great option because it gives you choices and doesn’t clutter your already limited space.  

The purchase option for pieces of ArtSugar wall décor and other pieces of artwork is cheap and gives you the best pieces you can find.  Everything you purchase comes pre-framed and ready to present so that your decorating project can be completed with the click of a button.  Choose from different frames and sizes and have an incredible piece of art shipped to your home in days, instantly improving the coziness of the place you call home.  Even better, every purchase made through ArtSugar supports an individual artist and sends money towards various charities, proving that with modern home décor, you can be fashionable and make the world a better place at the same time.  

Whether you’re looking for simple quotes to hang above your stove or a sweeping panoramic painting of a sunset to rest above your headboard, ArtSugar gives you influencer curated content and places the best designs of Instagram at your fingertips.  Decorating your space has never been easier or more versatile.  If you move up in the world, expanding to a bigger and better house, you can return your rented artwork and purchase new pieces that will fill your space and adorn your walls with your favorite styles and designs, with as much ease as you can imagine.

Mathew Cain for ArtSugar, January 3, 2020

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