New Year, New Style: How to Upgrade Your Apartment on a Budget

New Year, New Style: How to Upgrade Your Apartment on a Budget

There’s nothing quite like the approach of a new year to jolt us out of the monotony of the day-to-day. And considering that 2020 also signifies the end of the decade, its immanence feels that much more daunting, and a shake-up of sorts, that much more pressing. Much like a new year’s resolution, or all the hopes and dreams we make for the coming year (ie: be healthier, more outgoing, etc), this time period also signifies a fresh start: a re-brand or makeover. Although a new haircut feels nice, the most impactful update is the one made to our sacred space, aka our home. Think about it—it’s the place we go to for comfort, to recharge, decompress, and unwind, therefore it should be a reflection of all the things we want. It should be a reflection of the “new you” who is going to fully take on another decade with style. 

Of course, a full-blown home makeover is often out of the question due to both lack of time and funds, but a home or apartment, and even a bedroom can feel like new with the addition of accessories. And by accessories, we mean art! A whole new couch is not the only way to spruce up a space, and buckets of paint are not necessary to make your place feel revamped. Besides being one of the best ways to express yourself and your individuality, art is a pleasure for guests and owners alike. Whether the new you or your intention for the new year is bold, modern, romantic, or edgy, there’s a painting, print, or sculpture out there that reflects that very vibe on 

An easy way to update a living room is with a vibrant print over your favorite hangout spot, the couch. Besides adding flair to the room, a big center piece can really tie the whole feel together. Plus, it can serve as a great talking point. Typically when an apartment has some good art in it, the place automatically feels more “adult,” even if it’s a minimal studio. There’s just something about having a distinct eye and style, coupled with some disposable income that goes into decorating that makes one appear put together. It pretty much screams “adulting,” whether or not you actually have your life together or not is besides the point—at least you can appear like you do somewhere besides on Instagram.

For those who aren’t sure how to go about planning where and how your new paintings and prints should be arranged, ArtSugar offers a Curation Guide. To use the feature, simply upload a photo of your own wall to see how the art would look in your place. If only this was available for clothes shopping…

For those who are new to home decor and the art game, the site offers an influencer-curated shop with various collections set up by on-trend interior decorators, fashionistas, and pretty much people with a good eye for aesthetics, who can help guide you in your venture into the art space. Plus, the site offers the options to rent a piece for 90 days! So you can try it out, see how you feel, and if needed make a swap. Getting new wall art has literally never been this easy.

So, with the 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to figure out what vibes you want to be taking in to the new year, and add that intention in all aspects of your life, home included. With pop culture themes, bright colors, and beautiful scenes, ArtSugar meets and exceeds all of your art-buying expectations, just in time for a fresh start, with even fresher art. Alexandra Sharova for ArtSugar 12.19.2019

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