Home Decorating with ArtSugar

Home Decorating with ArtSugar

Life as a millennial is fast paced, fun and full of ups and downs. Most millennials are moving for the first time and it can be difficult decorating a new space. Most young adults are probably on a budget, but would not mind splurging on affordable art. With all of the chaos in everyday life, interior decorating should be fun and hassle-free.

A home should be comfortable and nicely decorated. It is a place for relaxing and decompressing but, it should also be expressive. When shopping for art, it is important that the pieces chosen are relatable, can start a conversation and are special. You want your guests to be amazed by the colors and complexity thus putting them in a great mood. Most retailers offer home decor/wall art but with a hefty price tag and the art pieces are not exclusive. ArtSugar combines prestige interior decorating with affordability.

ArtSugar makes it easier to own eccentric wall art décor that is sure to add life to any area. It is a great website to buy very cool and unique art pieces at discounted prices. You never have to worry about breaking the bank. Affordable wall art is now easier than ever to find. Founded by an artist in 2017, ArtSugar is a website that has influencer curated wall art so it's backed by names we trust. Most pieces are targeted directly with Instagram shopping so you will never have to leave your favorite app.

Most of the artists on ArtSugar have Instagram profiles so, it’s easy to view and connect to their work. The influencer curated pieces are very distinctive and handpicked by interior stylists. Whether you want a small portrait for an office, or a big piece for a living room, ArtSugar has a wide variety of wall art that fits every style. The art pieces are bold, bright and vibrant, adding a pop of color anywhere.

ArtSugar offers pop-sculptures along with acrylics prints. Being a millennial, it is important that we show off our creative side; ArtSugar makes it easy to do just that. Whatever your style is, ArtSugar has pieces like “Neon Tracks” by Jessie Ruin that uses electrifying, eye catching retro designs. Another popular wall art design is “Supery Guccidelic 3.1” by David Stesner that recreates the famous gucci symbol. The pieces are totally special and you cannot find them anywhere else. There are so many options to choose from: from modern-chic to vintage, ArtSugar has it all. Interior decorating made easy with ArtSugar, all of the pieces are from artists that understand the need for beautiful and low-cost art.

With the "build your wall" option, ArtSugar guides the buyer, helping to easily put engaging pieces together in no time. You can have a perfect gallery wall, in minutes. ArtSugar even has a rental program so it is risk free! The pieces are very relatable, unique and perfect for millennials.

Cristen Carroll for ArtSugar December 20, 2019

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