Here's How to Make the Most Out of Your College Décor, According to an Art Expert

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We understand the struggle: trying to transform a drab and depressing dorm or college apartment room into the space of your dreams can be tough. When you're living in a cramped space with less-than-exciting cream-colored walls and popcorn ceilings that are definitely at least a few decades old, it may feel like a lost cause. But, we promise there's hope — we've got Alix Greenberg, founder and CEO of ArtSugar and art aesthetic expert, to back us up. ArtSugar is a carefully curated online collection of the coolest artwork. Plus, ArtSugar collaborates with non-profit organizations to raise money for their cause through the sale of their incredible artwork (it's a total win-win). We asked Alix her tips and tricks for decorating your college space, especially when the state of your place may seem impossible to work with:

Her Campus (HC): What's your best advice for decorating in a smaller room or area (i.e. dorm room)? How do you recommend making a space look bigger than it actually is?

Alix Greenberg (AG): Use mirrors wherever you can because they'll bounce light around the room, making it feel more spacious! Additionally, I suggest picking larger art sizes to make the room feel grander in scale — we have great 20 inch by 30 inch framed prints on ArtSugar perfect for this purpose. Lastly, floor lamps are KEY for adding extra light and height to the space. 

HC: How do recommend making your dorm or apartment feel like home?

AG: Incorporate mementos and heirlooms that tell stories! They make for great conversation starters and add a personal touch to your space. Also, consider custom artwork — select artists on ArtSugar can create custom family, friend or pet portraits in their unique artistic styles (which make for great gifts too!).HC: How can a college student shop responsibly for home decor? 

AG: Look for décor companies that donate to charity — you can give back while checking off the items you need on your list. ArtSugar donates 5% of proceeds from every purchase to various causes, with partners including City Harvest, ASPCA, Girls Who Code, and God’s Love We Deliver.HC: How can college students use framed prints to decorate without breaking their university/landlord's rules, such as hammering or nailing them into the wall? 

AG: ArtSugar has small 8 inch by 10 inch prints that are perfect for leaning against shelves and desks. You can also use hanging/removable strips for bigger prints — they come off cleanly when you take them off.

HC: Why are framed prints the best decorative accessory for any college dorm or apartment?

AG: Framed prints add a stylish and sophisticated touch to your dorm decor. Everyone has posters — so why not stand out with bold, eye-catching prints!Check out all the mesmerizing artwork available on to take your college space to the next level!

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