Decorating My Home To Jump Start A Year Of Inspired Living

Decorating My Home To Jump Start A Year Of Inspired Living

Every year in December, I start thinking about the changes I want to make for 2020. Changing my home décor is right up there, because my living space is a key factor in determining how I feel.

By New Year’s Eve, I’ll have my resolutions all planned. I celebrate with a group of friends and our tradition is to put our resolutions in a sealed container and open it together the next New Year’s Eve to see how we’ve done.  This year I’m promising myself that I will be more productive, more upbeat and more creative.  

Since I work at home two or three days a week, the way I feel at home affects my work as well. Upgrading my home decor is the perfect way to inspire a good mood because it’s easier to modify my room than my mind! 

Since budgeting is also one of my goals for the new year, I’m not about to go out and replace my sofa. I'm no home decor genius, but I do know what I like when I look at art. This means that the simplest, least expensive, and most effective way to reimagine my home décor is to bring in new, affordable wall art. 

I have an old, sorry looking poster that I’ve owned since college above my sofa. It’s not my taste anymore and makes me feel like a kid. I knew that that piece had to go, so I started browsing through Instagram for inspiration to replace it.

I found a beautiful framed print with the word "love" repeated over and over by ArtSugar  When I see it, I think of all the great songs with the word “love” in them (yes, music also lifts my spirits) and it hit me that this is exactly the word I need to inspire me.  

Surrounding myself with a meaningful word will remind me of my hopes for next year. I want to love what I do, love the people around me, and love who I am in 2020. ArtSugar has such a nice collection of affordable art and many of them work together, so it’s easy to decorate like a professional.

It also helps that I don’t have to go searching through hundreds of framed prints in an overwhelming selection at ArtSugar because their wall art is influencer curated. 

When I bought my first piece, I discovered that I could rent my way to home décor heaven and ended up with three pieces that looked great together.

My home will not only make me feel happier, but I’ll be thrilled to share photos of it on Instagram. 

Here are my 3 tips I can share, based on my shopping experience, to help you choose affordable home décor that can make a huge difference in your life.

Color has an emotional impact on you.  Some people love neutrals; others prefer blue tones or reds. I have a positive reaction to light, multicolored images. You don’t have to take a quiz to determine what colors impact you. You just feel it when you look at the art.  

Don’t worry about matching your sofa. Art stands on its own. There is no reason to match the color of your rugs or furniture with the art on your walls. 

Subject matter is important.  Whether it is an artful word design, a portrait, an image like a butterfly or a pair of lips, if you enjoy the meaning behind the image, it will be a positive cue every time you see it.

I’m excited about the new year. I’m going to bring beauty into my apartment and kick start the change I want to make from outside in with a home that makes me feel happy and inspired. Ilana Ravinowitz for ArtSugar December 18, 2019

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