Decor ArtSugar Style

Decor ArtSugar Style

Whether it’s for the Holiday season or for a change in seasonal decor ArtSugar has really changed the game for all of us interested in giving our living spaces an elevated vibe. 

As a young mom of 3 kids 7 and under affordable art is key! I love to switch up my wall game and as a lover of home decor with a budget I love the options I get from ArtSugar. Options are what makes the world go round and alllows for the artist in you to truly open up and explore and create the perfect look for your living space several times a year if need be.

I am not only a mom but I am also a blogger and freelance writer so I live to scour Instagram for my decor and design needs and love getting a snapshot into my favorite influencers within ArtSugar's influencer curated section. You truly get a glimpse into another side of people you look up to in different industries which I find fascinating. I think everyone who loves Instagram and getting further inside the lives of their favorite Instagram influencer will get a kick out of peeking into their artistic inspiration. It  takes your online stalking to the next level. Let’s be honest Instagram gives us ultimate access to everything that’s cool in a delivery that is hyper speed! Perfection!

Interior design and art curating should be fun and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. It’s truly inspiring to discover all of these great artists from Hanna Panchenko to Michael Turchin to Betsy Enzensberger and many many others that are on ArtSugar’s website and blog. Just to think that these are artists that are perhaps at the beginning of their career as many of you are now and who knows? They may one day be as famous as Warhol or Haring or Basquiat! It’s fascinating to be able to discover new artists and grow with them as you grow in your own life. The list of artists keeps growing at ArtSugar and it’s great fun to discover new artists through their thoughtful curation. 

From the dorm room to your first apartment in a large city  to your first vacation home and any life change in between ArtSugar allows you to style and change your Interior design aesthetic seamlessly and with less stress. Did you hear what I said?  LESS STRESS. 

Be fickle, change your mind it’s OK! With ArtSugar you can rent the art that way if after a month you’re not feeling it anymore send it back and rent another piece that later you’ll decide to buy. How fun are options? College and post college is stressful enough who wants to be tied down to decor they aren’t fully vibing with? Not I for certain! I love options and as do, we are inspired constantly by different places we travel to and different people we meet. I find it invaluable to have affordable art and home decor options and I feel you’ll find value in ArtSugar too! 

Enid Viana O'Brien for ArtSugar, January 3, 2020

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