Curating Wall Art With ArtSugar

Curating Wall Art With ArtSugar

So, you’ve just moved into your new place- congrats! Now that you’re adulting successfully, it is most definitely time to throw away that old wall tapestry you bought freshman year. And probably that string of Christmas lights, too. There are far better ways to decorate your space and make it feel truly yours. Even with a limited budget, you can use wall art to turn your place into your own personal museum. ArtSugar is here, with tips, recommendations, and tools to help you curate a sophisticated space that screams “I’ve totally got my life together.”

First thing’s first- time to find your own personal aesthetic. Browse ArtSugar’s vast selection of affordable art to see what draws your eye. Click on “Things We Love” to shop by categories, like “Food and Candy,” “Motivational and Text,” and “Abstract.” Want a giant avo toast print to hang in the kitchen? We’ve got you covered. Need a tranquil nature scene in your bedroom to help you unwind? Check. Not into commitment? ArtSugar also has art available for rental so you can test out the look in your own space before you decide to purchase. You can also sort by most popular art, to see which trendy pieces everyone’s loving most at the moment.

A great way to up your interior design game is to use color. ArtSugar makes it easy to find prints that pick up and enhance the colors of your home. Simply search for a color and find a selection of art in your favorite hue. For example, if you adore your millenial-pink couch, try matching the shade to a punchy abstract print placed on the wall above. Wall art is also a great starting place for decorating the rest of a space. If you love the colors in a print, find home decor in matching tones to tell a cohesive color story throughout 
the room.

The oh-so-trendy gallery wall is a striking vehicle to display art in your home and show off a strong aesthetic sensibility. However, they can often feel intimidating to design- choosing multiple pieces and arranging them in harmony with one another, all while considering factors like color, shape, and size. Using ArtSugar’s “Build Your Wall” feature, the process of designing your dream gallery wall just got a lot easier. Simply upload a photo of your wall to see how the pieces you’ve selected will look in the room IRL. You can also read up on handy tips to guide you in hanging and spacing your framed decor.

For the social media-loving designer, a little Instagram shopping can be a powerful tool to curate a unique space. ArtSugar collaborates with your favorite instagrammers to create custom influencer curated collections. If you love the vibe and story of an influencer’s feed, shop their curated pieces to bring that aesthetic into your own home. ArtSugar helps you put your social media habit to good use and makes your daily scroll a part of the design process.

No matter your style, budget, or aesthetic, a gorgeously curated place is within reach. Create your ideal vibe with ArtSugar and watch your space transform from “starter apartment” to “forever home.”

Cynthia Bonacum for ArtSugar, December 20, 2019

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