Creative Healing: Get Your Groove Back with ArtSugar’s Affordable Wall Art

Creative Healing: Get Your Groove Back with ArtSugar’s Affordable Wall Art

Everyone goes through an emotional funk every now and then. Be it ‘cause of a breakup, a fight with a friend, a row at work, or simply because you dared watch the news! But before you look to more traditional means to get yourself out of the funk, try art therapy a.k.a creative healing!

It’s a well-known fact that art helps reduce stress, anxiety and explore one’s emotions. So, the next time you want to lift yourself up, give your home a makeover and splash some art on your walls – after all interior design is a form of art, too.

Of course, buying art is not the same as art therapy – where a professional art therapist guides you and helps you understand your emotions. The principal is similar, though. 

It’s more about the therapeutic process of creating art (in our case selecting art) that helps us cope. 

Affordable Art that’s Not Heavy on Your Bank | You don’t have to invest thousands in home décor or wall art to give your mood and home a makeover, ArtSugar can help you chose inexpensive art that’s exactly right for your home. 

You can get pop sculpture for as low as $300 or framed prints for as low as $110! If you’d like to invest in something even cheaper, but no less classy, try ArtSugar’s Mini’s. For $150, you can have 3 mini’s adorning that perpetually forlorn side-table of yours or that neglected slice of wall between the kitchen and the lounge. And, Voila! For just $150, you’ve not only spruced up your home, but by using your creative mind and investing in yourself you’ve elevated your depression. 

Influencer Curated Art Specific to your Wall | Not sure if that particular piece of wall art will go well with your wall? Don’t fret! Use ArtSugar’s Build Your Wall feature to upload a picture of your wall and play around with the many influencer curated art pieces to pick the ones that are just right for your home. 

This feature is a god-send if you’re not sure how your selected pieces will look with your wall and the surrounding furniture. Just knowing that the art you’re investing in will blend beautifully with your home, will put your mind at ease. And, if you’re still not convinced about your choices, you can always use ArtSugar’s RentSugar service to rent out the art for up to 90 days to see how it looks and feels in your home.  


As they say, sometimes a change of scenery is all one needs to mentally rejuvenate. But, what do you do when you can’t go on that desperately needed vacation just yet? You hop on to ArtSugar, get your creative juices flowing and invest just a teensy bit in our contemporary and modern wall art and home décor. In short, you get your groove back by changing the scenery of your own home. 

Rakiah Oneeb for ArtSugar, December 28, 2019

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