Best Advice on Home Decor from New York Influencers and Fashionistas

Best Advice on Home Decor from New York Influencers and Fashionistas

One of the early symptoms of achieving adulthood is a sudden interest in home decor, especially for those who've been preparing for this their whole lives with too many Saturday nights spent modifying alternative versions of the perfect home playing the Sims. Throw pillows, wall art, decorative bases, ect.; it becomes an aphrodisiac for some of us. Unfortunately, unlike the video game, life doesn't come with a starter budget, or a guide. ArtSugar can’t write you a check, but I’ve curated some advice from New York influencers and fashionistas.

In times of fast fashion, trends come and go as quickly as they are shared online with a click. Sometimes it feels like what you buy today can potentially be tacky tomorrow, but this doesn’t have to be the case. A NYFW staple, Influencer Tijana Ibrahimovic considers interior design to be another branch of fashion. “I approach buying trendy decor similar to shopping for accessories. It’s about finding what works, and, more importantly, what doesn’t. Decorating can bring a room together, or tear it apart. I make sure to have recent pictures of my apartment saved in my phone, that way I can remind myself what it looks like, and shop accordingly.” Just make sure to save photos of your place in a separate folder than, I don’t know, nudes. This will prevent the awkward scenario that one swipe too much can cause. “Nowadays, all the stylish apartments have modern wall art,” she says.

“Finding timeless images is the secret. I love using ArtSugar because they have such a great collection, and its curated by influencers, which are the new group of trend-setters." My favorite is for the for the sitting area, the celebrity journalist considers throw pillows to be the cherry on the sundae. "So. Many. Options. Your sofa will get a whole new look.” This is the part when the excitement can sometimes turn into a heart attack when discovering some of the prices for throw pillows out there. “An accent wall in any apartment is an instant bonus,” she adds.

Fashion and pop culture journalist Jonathan Valdez likes home decor that breathes. “I think that it’s important to literally add life to your space by incorporating succulents and cacti. They are easy to care for and promote good vibes.” They also don’t take up much space, are affordable and only require water, perfect for any lifestyle scenario, from the busy CEO to someone that is OCD. Ibrahimovic agrees that flowers add to the ambiance. “I love fresh flowers, and I have a grocery store around the corner that sells two dozen fresh roses for ten dollars. Find one in your neighborhood, or buy a plant that doesn’t require a lot of attention. Money Tree, perhaps?” Valdez finds what is usually missing in apartments is color. “Use colors that bring you joy and motivate. You can do this with a fun wallpaper, curtains, or even strategically placed vases.” It’s important to note that the color should be considered motivational, not just stylish. Otherwise, apartments all over New York will be in constant mourning.

As a comedic actress, influencer Brittney Rae thinks that every household needs something fun. “This is the time to show off your personality in more detail. Do you love Star Wars? Maybe you have a Yeti lurking in the corner. Are you a flower child? Perhaps your window seal is covered in sunflowers. Love a good scare? A life-size tarantula would look sick discreetly placed on the loveseat. Staying on top of the trends is nice, but it’s even nicer putting your personality on display for guests to see, or find to their horror.” The least liked about topic when it comes to shopping is budget; however, just like all pains that come with being an adult (rent, taxes, STDS, ect.), it should not be ignored. How does one go about finding affordable home decor and furniture that isn’t outdated, or have bedbugs? Relying on the kindness of strangers seems to be the case. Reviews have proven to be pretty reliable. It’s like on Tinder when a different looking person arrives than who was in the photos. In this case, it’s cool because others actually have the chance to warn you.

Restaurateur consultant Leena Heiman advices spending more on quality. “It’s not about crowding the room with many items but finding pieces with purpose, or meaning. Consider your budget and prioritize what is most important. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time.” The commercial remodeler encourages everyone to use their personal style as a foundation. “Personally, I like an eclectic aesthetic, and collecting decor and art from different places that I travel to. Antiques also enhance any modern space with a sense of history. There’s no set category that you have to be limited to, and you can achieve a unique look by combining different styles. If you're deciding on a color, naval is predicted to be the color of the year for homeowners in 2020. It works well with Earth tones, leather (think couch) and sophisticated patterns.”

Musician and influencer Todd Carey emphasizes that it’s about trusting your instincts. “I really believe in sticking with your own aesthetic, regardless of current trends. If you decorate based on the most recent style, chances are your living space will be out of style in six months.” The “Nintendo” singer says that this is an approach that can be applied to anything that one does in life. Ultimately, there are different approaches and ways to achieve the perfect home, but perfect has proven to be synonymous with whatever feels like “home” to you.

Submitted by Jamie Valentino for ArtSugar, December 27, 2019

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