ArtSugar loves EVSocial!

ArtSugar loves EVSocial!

Sitting down with Alix Greenberg from ARTSUGAR


I sat down with Alix Greenberg the CEO and founder of ARTSUGAR the other day at the Butcher’s Daughter in the West Village. If you haven’t heard about ARTSUGAR or the Butcher’s Daughter you seriously need both in your life immediately. ARTSUGAR  is a curated ecommerce platform that sells affordable art by globally sourced artists with large, passionate Instagram followings. They provide a technology solution that helps artists monetize their art efficiently, so that they can create and sell, without the headache of managing backend logistics. They provide the platform, take care of customer service, printing, shipping, framing, and logistics. They simplify the complex business of art, from start to finish, so that their artists can focus on their craft, and customers from around the world can own pieces from their favorite Instagram artists. For every purchase, 5% of the proceeds is donated to one of their pre-vetted charities. In essence it’s art ecommerce for millenials, a great resource for anyone decorating an apartment or dorm room and for that artist ready to start selling more of their artwork. Or truthfully for anyone interested in some really great art at an incredibly affordable price point.

Sitting down with Alix was a lot of fun, she is a born and raised NYC girl like myself so we hit it off right away. She is bright and effusive and has great energy. She is a straight shooter and you can tell she always knows exactly what she wants, she’s my type of girl. She shared with me that she started her love of art with finger painting classes at the MET at age 4 and this love continued throughout her life as she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University in 2009 with a focus on painting and portraiture, and holds a Master’s degree in History of Art and the Art Market. She began her professional career at Christie’s and has since held positions working for artist Peter Tunney for a year, at Skarstedt Gallery for 3, and most recently for the American Friends of the Israel Museum for 2 years where she was able to grow the young donorship group exponentially yet felt she was too entrepreneurial for it to be a long term fit.

Alix has always known that she did not want to be a full time artist yet she started Portraits for Good in 2015 which has since transformed into ARTSUGAR . Portrait for good is now an arm of ARTSUGAR where you can shop some of Alix’s very own paintings and even commission Alix to do a custom portrait. People can submit a picture of their  favorite family pet, a nostalgic vacation home or a favorite family photo, and she can turn your pictures into Art to be displayed in your home. In Late 2017 ARTSUGAR was officially launched featuring 7 artists and that number has grown to about 40 artists currently. ARTSUGAR can boast being revenue positive since launch which is no small feat. While I love the platform and the concept that Alix has created I truly love the Philanthropic component because giving back is not only socially impactful but truly altruistic and really a testament to the type of person Alix is. With 5% of sales proceeds going to organizations such as the ASPCA, St. Jude’s, Planned Parenthood, City Harvest, Guiding eyes for the blind and the list goes on. Don’t be too quick to stereotype millennials Alix is definitely one to watch.

Check out Alix and her amazing growing Art Empire at:

and if you eat mostly Vegan like myself check out The Butcher’s Daughter it’s amazing:

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