ArtSugar in Brides Magazine!

ArtSugar in Brides Magazine!

Zola & ArtSugar Partner to Create a Millennial Wedding Registry That Gives Back

By Christina Oehler

Published on June 4, 2018

Pinterest makes home decor look so easy. But anyone who has decorated a home or apartment knows that putting together the perfect feng shui vibe isn't always as fun as it looks. On top of that, if your partner is still under the impression that empty Jack Daniels bottles are suitable home decor, you're in for a serious headache. (Queer Eye, where you at?!)

That's why wedding registry website Zola and art retail store ArtSugar have come together to help you and your partner find the perfect pieces of art for your new home together. No Nate Berkus required.

Zola has teamed up for a partnership with ArtSugar, a charity-based art retail site, to offer an option to engaged couples looking to add art to their registry. With Zola's Instagram-heavy influence and affordable prices, couples will be able to find the perfect addition to their walls through the company's large selection of artwork.

a kitchen with a stove and a sink

"Art as a category is growing and growing on Zola," says Jennifer Spector, director of brand marketing at the company. "These prints are modern, bright, and personalized to a couple's taste. Plus, it's a two-for-one wedding giftbecause couples get the gift of beautiful artwork and they get to give back at the same time as some of the proceeds go to charity."

a traffic light with a building in the background

The collection includes pieces from influential Instagram artists like Sena Runa, who specializes in colorful paintings; Michael Turchin, who creates vivid Pop art; and Eliza Gwendalyn, who illustrates beautiful bridal-themed sketches. But the collection isn't only pretty—each sale also contributes to a good cause. Five percent of the proceeds from each print benefits the pancreatic cancer research organization, CodePurple Now, founded by former NBC CEO Bob Wright.

a vase with flowers in it

Alix Greenberg, founder and CEO of ArtSugar, adds, "We're so thrilled to partner with Zola to provide couples with eye-catching contemporary art that gives back to a great cause. Zola is reinventing the registry experience, so it's exciting to bring ArtSugar's unique blend of globally sourced artists, art, and philanthropy to its audience."

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