Affordable Art for Life

Affordable Art for Life

Shopping for art should be a fun and creative process. You can get great ideas online, but art selection is a form of self-expression and makes a statement about who you are. Art in your home should be a source of joy a reminder of what life is to you. After all, your home shouldn’t just be where you sleep, it should be where you live, and art is a fantastic way to make you feel good about where you live. A few well-selected pieces of art can turn your home into a source of inspiration. It can pull together a theme or complete a look in addition to conveying a bit of who you are as a person. Whether through a social commentary piece or a cute sculpture that reflects your personality, it makes a statement about who you are. 

Finding the right piece of art that fits your home décor while making the statement you want to convey can be a daunting task – particularly given that art can get quite expensive.  Luckily, there are tricks to creating an Instagram-worthy living space that fits your budget. With careful planning and thoughtful use of the best online resources it can be not only easy, but fun. 

Hopefully you had fun decorating your home and know the spaces that could use a little something to pull it all together. By considering available space, placement and lighting you can optimize your selections to ensure maximum impact at minimal cost. Understanding where you want to place wall art or a sculpture can allow you to explore what is available that will work best with those circumstances. You don’t want to end up buying something that looks amazing but just doesn’t seem to fit right anywhere. This is why it is important to understand what you are working with so you can make informed searches for just the right piece.  

Once you have identified the feel of the space available, you can start your search by collecting ideas from what others have done. Instagram is full of eye-catching images of interior design, and influencer curated collections offer a wonderful resource for specific aesthetics. You can browse these collections to see how similar styles utilize art to complete a room.  This can help you narrow down a style or type of art piece that will really make your home shine.

The number of places to shop online and in the old-fashioned brick and mortar stores can lead you down a rabbit hole of endless options. Instagram shopping offers a simple solution that will also provides a seamless transition from browsing for ideas to finding and purchasing the right piece.  Furthermore, Instagram shopping at places like ArtSugar offers more affordable art than traditional art outlets, but still has that high impact quality.  

As you browse the options and imagine how they will look in your home, perhaps the most important thing to do is to enjoy the process.  There are a lot of great options out there and comparing what others do and what would and wouldn’t work for your home should be as fulfilling an experience as when you get a piece of art installed in your home.  And when turning to the right places to shop, it doesn’t have to hurt your wallet.

Alison Waldron for ArtSugar 12/18/2019



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