Nowadays, being authentically you is a vital trait to possess. That’s why we love influencers—they’re usually people with characteristics interesting enough to obtain a huge following. Buying art unique to your taste allows you to display your authentic personality when planning the interior design of your home, whether you’re seeking chic home décor for your studio apartment or your first house. Besides, after an exhausting day on campus or in the office, who wouldn’t want to return home to his or her sacred space filled with vibrant art pieces? Buying affordable art, such as wall art for your gallery wall or miniature sculptures for your living room, may seem intimidating at first because of all the choices out there. However, for a well-put-together, more adult home, art-hosting eCommerce sites, such as ArtSugar, make purchasing art much easier.

Instagram shopping is a common pastime for millennials and Generation Z when refreshing an outdated wardrobe or choosing accessories and décor for a new home. It’s just so easy to scroll through social media to see what your favorite influencers are currently loving and then clicking the associated links to buy whatever you’re eyeing. Certain websites, other than Instagram, also make it convenient to shop for beautiful pieces for your home, such as ArtSugar. ArtSugar offers different ways to buy, or rent, art on a budget.

Renting has become a budget-friendly option for millennials and Generation Z, whether they’re looking to rent a dress via Rent the Runway for a fashionable event or furniture for their year-lease apartment. ArtSugar lends its website to the trend of renting through the feature RentSugar. With the motto, “Rent It. Love It. Buy It,” RentSugar allows customers to rent art for 90 days to determine whether the art fits their taste. If customers no longer wish to keep the art after 90 days, they have the option to send back the piece.

ArtSugar hosts many categories for finding the perfect piece that fits the personality of your home. If you’re into abstract art, furry animals, acrylic art, or sculptures, you’ll surely find an eye-catching art piece to lend flair to your home. We also offer a feature called “Build Your Wall” that allows you to visualize how your art pieces will look together with your furniture. And if you’re looking for a specific artist you follow on Instagram, visit our “Artists” page. ArtSugar also features an influencer curated section. There are Instagram influencers with exquisite taste in art and fashion, and with ArtSugar’s influencer curated section, you can browse curated art by Instagram influencers you may or may not follow.

build your wall

Buying art on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult. Purchasing a few, affordable wall art pieces will create a livelier apartment or home that’ll impress both you and your guests. Of course, you can browse Google by typing in your topic of interest to search for art that complements your style. However, browsing art-focused, Instagram influencers’ pages or an art-dedicated website, such as ArtSugar, makes buying fresh art much more convenient. Purchasing art should be within the grasp of everyone, whether you’re a college student looking to update your dull dorm room or an older millennial who just purchased your first home. ArtSugar offers on-trend, but affordable, posters and prints but also more serious pieces to keep for a lifetime.

Alicia Ivory for ArtSugar, December 28, 2019

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