Molly Borman is best known for her work Just Nips and has expanded into prints with similar themes to keep the magic alive. Love Signs fuses iconic designs from the midcentury optimist era with feelings she has today about life, love and femininity. Her pieces beg the question: When it comes to being a woman, has everything changed in the last 60 years or is it the same shit on a different day? You decide. Molly went to the University of Michigan and proudly calls Detroit home, even though she's all over the place at the moment. With each print sold, we are donating a percentage of proceeds to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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Molly founded Just Nips to perpetuate female empowerment and the notion that women should be proud to show off our greatest asset - our femininity. 

In Molly's own words:

Nipples cause controversy wherever they pop up, and the more I looked into it the more I saw this has held true for decades. Today we know female nipples are banned on Facebook and Instagram, #FreeTheNipple efforts to combat nipple censorship is going strong, uproars over breastfeeding in public are always making the news and Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl nip slip is still a topic of conversation despite the event taking place 14 (!!!) years ago. Wild. Jennifer Aniston’s nipples on Friends in the 90s, Madonna’s cone bra in 1990. Sex and the City. There are so many examples of nipples-as-news, my favorite being a little known fact that Marilyn Monroe used to sew marbles into her dresses in the 50s + 60s to give her that iconic extra perky look we know and love. And that’s how Signs of the Times was born. We’ve advanced so much as a society since the midcentury era, but so many of the same stereotypes for women exist today. I loved the look and feel of design in the 50s and 60s, so much happiness and cheery fonts and colors infused in the design standards of that era, yet women were feeling more oppressed than ever. Right on the brink of second wave feminism, on the outside, everything looked bright, happy and perky. But on the inside, women will be the first to say it was anything but. I know the feelings of uneasiness women are feeling now, so I set out to explore it all through art. These works beg the question - how much has really changed? Just Nips Fake Nipples are designed to make you look cold and feel HOT!

View Molly's work here and discover the 'Love Signs,' an exclusive body of work offered only on ArtSugar.


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