Make your walls sparkle 🌈

Make your walls sparkle 🌈

For a limited time, we’ve partnered with Angie Crabtree to bring you round prints of her beautiful gemstone paintings!

Angie Crabtree


Dear ArtSugar Fam,

We are so excited to announce that NEW Angie Crabtree gems are finally here! 

So many of you asked us to work with Angie again! This time, we are releasing a larger selection that you can mix ‘n match with. Happy gifting! 😎

This release will benefit an organization that is very important to us — Gyrl Wonder — an initiative giving rise to ambitious young women of color between the ages of 17 - 22.

We hope you appreciate this project and enjoy the rainbows as much as we do!


The ArtSugar Team 🌈


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