Curated by It's Amanda Lauren

Curated by It's Amanda Lauren

Amanda Lauren for ArtSugarSeptember 2019  

I’m so excited to be collaborating with ArtSugar! As a Contributor to Forbes, I think I’ve seen way too much décor. If I see another Live Laugh Love sign, I’m going to die, cry and hate. That’s exactly why I love this brand. Everything is unique and by that I mean, you won’t be able to find what ArtSugar has on other sites.

And let’s be honest here. Finding art for your home is a lot of work. It’s also really important that everything works and flows together. But really, it’s a lot to decide. We have to make so many decisions every single day—what to wear (it better look good on IG), what to eat (lunch is my least favorite decision ever), and if you think wine in a can is okay (only for day drinking, preferably on a boat,)—do you really want to choose art? Of course, you’d rather not! (Which is also a great response to the question do you want to make plans?) I mean, buying art is fun, but so is sleeping in, binge-watching television and learning Icelandic. I get it—we all have other things to do with our time.

So, I’ve made all the decisions for you! You’re welcome! I curated my favorite pieces for every room in the home. You probably don’t want to see an avocado toast on the walls of your bathroom. Art with a condom in someone’s mouth probably doesn’t belong in a nursery (well, maybe as a reminder…). I even created a collection for the mudroom to distract people from the mud. Also because if you are one of those people who actually has a mudroom, I assume you’re too busy to make major life decisions about art.

In addition to all of this, because while ArtSugar isn’t Costco (I mean you aren’t buying bags of nuts the size of a fully-grown bulldog’s head here), if you buy a whole room’s worth of art, you should get some kind of deal. I thought 15% off sounded good here. Buy more art—feel less guilt! We all win!


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