Home Decor for the Modern Adult

Home Decor for the Modern Adult

Decorating a home is fun and liberating, but it can also be stressful to find wall art that truly represents you. Creating an environment that represents Generation Z or a Millennial means thinking out of the box when it comes to art, decor, wall designs, and interior design. The styles you choose reflect your unique taste. Here are some tips and attributes that will help you create a modern and comfortable home atmosphere.

Minimalism | Modern adults often value minimal mid-century decor. This includes wooden construction, clean lines, and a mixture of materials including fiberglass and metal. If patterns are used in the design, it’s essential that the right wall art and other interior features complement the pattern.

Modern Décor Options | While working through college and living in dorms, young Millennials were decorating their homes with grab-and-go decor. Now, this generation has grown, and they are settling down in permanent situations. As a generation taking the lead in social media and online shopping, what could be a better way to decorate your home than Instagram shopping? Not only are there plenty of options to find affordable art with an opportunity for true freedom of expression, but shopping online offers a level of convenience that modern adults love.

Home Style Design | Gen Z is at home with the internet, social media, smartphones, and other mobile systems. This generation has a maturing and unique sense of style. They are leaving teen room clichés behind, and moving on to bold self-expression. This generation values being an individual, expressing creativity, and demonstrating innovation. Gen Z is not afraid of art with bold colors. Hues of greens, blues, and yellow appear prominently in their interior designs. Since an earthy feel can promote feminine or masculine tones, the rustic warmth of furniture with wooden accents also shows up in their homes.

Eco-friendly Decor | Eco-friendly decor is definitely a major trend for the young adults. Materials like jute and rope are popular choices for interior design. Tapestries or chunky yarn knit throws are both cozy at home, and highly popular on influencer curated social media. Mini art galleries with art prints as wall décor, or the use of plants as greenery promote an eco-friendly home environment. Creating areas centered on technology that maximizes space and provides storage is important for décor. Technology is, undeniably, a major part of modern adult life. Since many study and/or work from home, they have every reason to maximize the comfort and efficiency of interior spaces for the use of technology.

The Perfect Interior Design Solution | Are you looking for the perfect art décor? ArtSugar, an e-commerce, is the favorite new hot spot for wall art. ArtSugar is composed of multiple artists that platform their art for buyers. The artists showcasing their art already have solid followings on social media. There are a variety of styles to choose from, and purchases are easy and convenient. So get on your phones and start decorating your homes! Home Decor for the Modern Adult by Kathleen Delaney for ArtSugar 12.17.2019

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