Personal or aesthetic art is hard to come by, not to mention when you’re shopping on a budget. Luckily with the explosion of Instagram and sites like, it is now possible to find beautiful pieces that won’t break the bank. Carefully chosen content should suit the trends and people of today, and let’s face it: decor as a Gen Z/Millennial border comes down to the vibes we want our guests to feel.

I personally want my space to feel inviting. Personalized Portraits from are painted recreations of a photo. Customized art lets me portray wonderful moments with a playfully nostalgic presentation. Let the loves in your life be the centerpieces of your home. Regardless of age, art in the home should be a reflection of you. Much like fashion, the beautiful dress on the runway can fail to recapture that initial beauty.  

Regardless of your aesthetic, ArtSugar will complement your already established style. Or maybe you like to change things up. Whatever your preference, they offer a range of affordable wall art that will make your home feel curated to you. We have paintings featured by your favorite Instagrammers, and curated collections you can have in your home too! RentSugar is the art leasing service of our time. The range of style curation is limitless and you can return things. Change your mind, change your style, move apartments. It is okay to be temporary for a time. 

Additionally, this accessible platform showcases emerging artists. Creators both locally and internationally recognized for their work are given the opportunity to produce innumerable collections. These artists range in their art styles, from print to sculpture.

To own your space via decorating, don’t be afraid to tell a story with your wall using shelves to frame a centerpiece. Whether on the shelf or hanging on the wall in perpendicular perfection, a simple eye-catching piece can inspire the wall around it. A centerpiece could be anything from a photo, wall plaque, flower vase. It should connect the pieces of your wall decoration. Similar to the common strategy of placing the largest photo in the center of a gallery framed wall to form a spiral, there should be a natural path for the eye.

If a spiral seems like a large task that takes a lot of planning, that’s because it is. To make an easy centerpiece, a single shelf will help. Even better, a simple line of prints can tell a story down your front hall without missing a beat. 

Betsy Enzensberger is the current Featured Pop Artist. Her dessert sculptures feature melting glitter and marbled ice cream bars that truly represent a millennial summer slipping with age. 

The best part of the holiday season are gifts. Think about it as good karma if you’re not into helping break class barriers or whatever. Gift-giving brings us together, it reminds us of our common humanity. Give the gift of charity wth art from ArtSugar and take advantage of their generosity. With every purchase, they will make a donation to a charity partner on the purchaser’s behalf. The bottom line is this: you should own your space, the space shouldn’t own you.

Do you dig that artist on page 1 marked Sold Out? Check out their Instagram then check our “Social” wall on Check out for timely updates with great showcases for the featured artists and users.

Lillian Diamond for ArtSugar, January 3, 2020

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