ArtSugar X YourMomCares

ArtSugar X YourMomCares

ArtSugar is excited to launch the Just Stay Home acrylic tray capsule collection in partnership with YourMomCares, a non-profit organization with a mission to remove the stigma surrounding mental health in children. 

It is especially important at this distressful and uncertain time, that we introduce cheerful, practical products to our customers. Our trays do just that, and with a timely and significant message. With each tray sold, 15% of the proceeds will be donated to YourMomCares. 

On their partnership with ArtSugar, Sharon Feldstein, YourMomCares CEO and Co-Founder notes "Super excited to be able to partner with someone who has such a unique retro design approach to this current situation while also giving back to a non profit as unique as the tray."

To learn more about YourMomCares click here and follow their charitable journey on Instagram.

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