ArtSugar in Making It Happen

ArtSugar in Making It Happen

We are so excited to be Alexis Nicole's first interviewee in her new series called Making It Happen. Alexa also curated an awesome collection for us and you can use code ITSBYALEXIS for 15% off her ArtSugar favorites! Watch our interview below!

Alexis Nicole is a teenage girl who was born and raised on the Upper East Side of New York City. She is a model and digital creator who has a fashion and lifestyle instagram, youtube channel and blog called @Itsbyalexis. Alexis has a passion for all things fashion and style. Whether it’s shopping downtown in SoHo, doing a photoshoot or taking on Fashion Week, Alexis is always on the go. She has an eye for discovering the newest trends. Her interests are not limited to just fashion. You can often find her combing the beauty counters at department stores, as she tests out new products. New York City is her playground and she loves everything it has to offer. She thrives off the challenge of finding the best restaurants or the must have items of the season. 

"YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR IN NEW YORK CITY// This is my first video in my new series called Making It Happen. In this series I am interviewing and shadowing young and driven entrepreneurs and people in the workforce to talk about their business and work life, and how they are mangling living in New York City. Today, i am interviewing the impressive Alix Greenberg who is the entrepreneur who started the platform ArtSugar. ArtSugar is a super cool website that sells affordable framed art prints by awesome popular instagram artists. In this video, you are going to find out all about Alix’s career and how she built her entire business. You are also going to find out about the challenges she faces about being a young entrepreneur in New York City, as well as her best advice to be successful. Alix and ArtSugar have been featured in many prestigious publications like Forbes and Business Insider. I can’t wait for you guys to learn all about ArtSugar and how Alix is making it all happen! Stay tuned for the end of the video to see the lightning round of questions I asked her!"

Shop Alexis' favorites below!

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