Notes from Artist Mike Natter MD

Notes from Artist Mike Natter MD

When I was in art school, I learned how to be a scientist. When I was in medical school, I learned how to be an artist. The beautiful balance of art and science is very much key to empathetic medical care and it is my patient interactions, medical education, and long days in the hospital that have informed my art. Being an artist is very much about appreciating and observing the natural world around you, my world is entrenched in medicine. It is for that reason that my art reflects the trials and tribulations of medical training, the empathetic exchanges between patients and doctors, and of course, the elegant human anatomy.


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Since my time is limited as I make my way through medical residency, getting my artwork out there has always been a struggle. Art Sugar has not only solved the problem of making my art accessible, but also in fulfilling a passion of mine: giving back. As a type 1 diabetic, supporting organizations that help to find a cure has always been near to my heart. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds go toward just that. I am grateful to the founder and CEO of Art Sugar, Alix Greenberg, with her artistic background and streamlined platform, getting my artwork out in the world and supporting a cause while we do it. 

Check out Mike Natter’s incredible artwork here

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