A Guide to Home Decor for Millennials

A Guide to Home Decor for Millennials

Sometimes, it's hard to think of art and home decor in a contemporary context; as millennials, we're used to seeing our parents' hallways lined with expensive art pieces. But when it comes to our art-infused interior design, it's often limited to the occasional poster or print-out of a famous work.

Luckily, you don't need to be a worldly art connoisseur to add vibrancy to your home. Buying art has become much more approachable with the growth of online art sales. To upgrade from college dorm room to sophisticated sanctuary, you don't need a famous Gustav Klimt or Van Gogh masterpiece. Ditch the stuffy classics and curate your home with something that incites passion in you and reflects your personality.

Another mantra from generations past that we're dropping is the concept of "investing" in your art, long-term. As a new generation of art lovers, we believe not just in affordable art, but also in flexibility that lets your creative identity grow and flourish at its own pace.

Companies like ArtSugar allow you to try out art in your home before you commit to it. A trial period is essential. While a piece of art might look striking when you're scrolling against a white background,  optics can change in the very different setting of your own home. If it fits in with your lifestyle, you get to keep it, but if not, you can send it back with a prepaid return label provided by ArtSugar.

If visualizing a piece of artwork proves difficult or you're not sure about sizing, create a mood board, or use a service such as "Build Your Wall" by ArtSugar. This feature allows you to upload a picture of your wall at home and test out up to 4 pieces of artwork. 

With options like this, you can flex your amateur interior design muscles while minimizing regret and unnecessary holes in your wall.

Buying art from a brick and mortar gallery can be an intimidating, expensive, and often elitist experience.  And while we suggest attending art shows for emerging or up-and-coming local artists, sometimes you don't find the right piece that makes your heart sing.

The solution? Today, we live in the age of social media, which exposes us to a more extensive and diverse range of artists than ever before. Your favorite influencer-curated art can go from your likes to your wall in a matter of clicks. Instagram shopping has made digital art a tangible reality, allowing anyone's interior design skills to go from bare-bones to effortlessly stylish.

Websites like ArtSugar even offer a distinct "Influencer Curated" page. This section includes a vast range of emerging and well-known Instagram artists, each selling pieces from their personally curated collections. The social media setting lets the consumer connect not just with the art, but the personality and life of the artist behind each creation, which is a new concept. In the past, artist identities were often an enigmatic and inaccessible mystery kept hidden from the public.

Art should be accessible for everyone, encouraging exploration rather than self-consciousness and self-doubt. Whether it's a life-size portrait of avocado toast, an abstract Larry David, or an all-pink statement piece, listen to what sparks joy or zen within yourself, and go for it.

For the modern consumer market today, buying art with a social conscience is just as important as the visual aspect. Keep your home chic while giving back to your community by buying from brands that donate a percentage of proceeds to well-researched and vetted non-profit organizations. For instance, ArtSugar regularly contributes to and creatively collaborates with the American Cancer Society, Autism Speaks, the Movember Foundation, and a long list of other ethical non-profits.

We've moved past the predictable and notoriously exclusive nature of our parents' art world, and into a more open-minded and daring landscape that encourages you to step outside of comfort zones. Even though people often see wall art as an afterthought, it can revitalize a room, infusing life, texture, and color into it. Most importantly, it should make you happy, with no fear of judgment. Your blank walls are a canvas just waiting to be brightened - check out a multitude of options on ArtSugar's website. 

Naima Karp for ArtSugar, January 3, 2020

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