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Jazz up your walls with medical art by the amazingly talented Dr. Mike Natter.
we donate to JDRF with each purchase of Dr. Natter's work.
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Framed Prints 11x14 and 12x12 inches or smaller include a sawtooth hanger (you'll need a nail and hammer to install). Larger Framed Prints include mounted brackets and a hardware kit, so all you'll need is a hammer.


Scratch-resistant. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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About 2 years ago, I got a call from my mother that I wish I never got. "They found a lump in my breast." My mom was immediately thrown into treatment which included surgery. I was a wreck. She was a wreck. Suddenly the hours spent listening to Pathoma took on a new meaning. I combed back over my lectures and textbooks. The words had different impact. The prognosis section used terms like "survival rate." Prior to the surgery, my mom needed to have a radiologic procedure. She went to NYU. She was scared, but as she does, she began chatting up the young radiologist taking care of her. "Whats your name?" She asked trying to calm her nerves. "Michael," he said. As any good jewish mother does, thats all it took for her to begin boasting about "her own Michael." "Where does he goto med school?" When my mom told him Jefferson, he almost dropped the syringe. "I went to Jefferson!." To my mom, that was a sign. She felt as though I was there with her, that I was somehow watching over her. After the procedure, Michael wrote me an email to say what a pleasure it was to take care of my mom. The surgery went beautifully. A short time after that, I received an email request to do a commissioned radiologic illustration. It was from Michael's mother- she planned to give it to Michael for his birthday. Never have I drawn something that carried with it so much meaning and gratitude. Michael taking care of my mother and now his mother reaching out to me... it just makes you feel like things happen for a reason. My adorable mother is now cancer-free thankfully and its because of vigilant screening mammograms, dedicated surgeons and oncologists, but mostly for people like Michael, who treated my mother like his own. Thank you for taking care of my mom. Thank you for being the kind of doc I aim to be. Oh, and happy birthday! @savino_m β€’ THANK YOU TO @portraitsforgood FOR MAKING ALL THIS HAPPEN, and as usual donating a portion of the proceeds to JDRF! πŸ’•β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #breastcancerawareness #getamammogram #radiology #KUB #fullcircle

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