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Elevate your walls with medical art by the amazingly talented Dr. Mike Natter.
we donate to JDRF with each purchase of Dr. Natter's work.
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Framed Prints 11x14 and 12x12 inches or smaller include a sawtooth hanger (you'll need a nail and hammer to install). Larger Framed Prints include mounted brackets and a hardware kit, so all you'll need is a hammer.


Scratch-resistant. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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Last week, on a 28hr call, I went to steal away for a nap in the early morning hours. Less than an hour later my diligent intern knocked on the call room door “mike I’m concerned about bed 2, his BP is getting soft.” Bed 2 happened to be a patient we were concerned may have COVID but with his test pending. I was still deep in a REM cycle when I got to the patient room. I looked at the vitals from the door. “Yup, those are soft all right.” As I sorted through the gowns and gloves and dug through the cart in search of an N95, the nurse asked me “what do you want to do?” I mumbled something about pressors and realized I needed more data to sort out what was going on. My brain still foggy with the remnants of dismantled sleep, and as I was about to enter the room, I felt someone next to me. “Hey Mike I’ll come help you grab an ABG.” It was Jack, my co resident who was on his own 28hr shift in a different unit. “I’ll put money on it this guy has COVID,” he said as he threw on his flimsy yellow gown and dove into the room. No hesitation. Together we got our labs, assessed the patient and treated him as we would any other. BPs improved as did mental status the next day. ✖️ Jack and all of my coworkers are heroes. When I tell them this, they recoil. “Hero” doesn’t sit well with them. None of us asked for this. Many of us are fearful. And yet, they show up. Every single day. The nurses, ER staff, techs, transporters, housekeeping staff, PTs/OTs, RTs, NPs, PAs,SLPs, EMS/EMTs, security guards, dietitians. EVERYONE. It is in these uncertain times when fear can set in. But there is a difference between fear and panic. Fear mobilizes us and allows us to hear the call to arms. Panic paralyzes us and seeps into the air paralyzing others. I have fear. We all have fear. But we will not panic because we are all in this together and together we can and we will beat this.

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