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Don Doff

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We want to help you elevate your walls affordably, while focusing on the pieces you actually need - that's why our selection of curated framed prints are available to own at an accessible price point. Your walls are about to look so good - Don Doff will look stunning hanging in your .

Elevate your walls with medical art by the amazingly talented Dr. Mike Natter.
we donate to JDRF with each purchase of Dr. Natter's work.
Available for world-wide shipping. Please allow up to two weeks to receive your treats.

How to hang:

Framed Prints 11x14 and 12x12 inches or smaller include a sawtooth hanger (you'll need a nail and hammer to install). Larger Framed Prints include mounted brackets and a hardware kit, so all you'll need is a hammer.


Scratch-resistant. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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COVID-19 🦠 We gotta talk about it. *We still are learning and Info subject to change as we get more data* (data per CDC) The symptoms include: fever (>100.4F), cough, and if advanced can cause shortness of breath and even pneumonia. 🦠 How does one GET the virus? It is thought to be spread by respiratory DROPLETS, (or so we think as of yet), so unlike measles, its spread by coming into contact with a droplet that contains the virus- someone with the virus coughed, sneezed, spit or snotted and you were either within range (<6 ft) of this or they touched a surface which you then touched. We still do not know how long the virus lasts for on surfaces. 🦠 How Infectious is it really? For every 1 pt infected, they will likely go on to infect 2 others. That is bad. It appears asymptomatic carriers can still shed the virus. 🦠 How deadly is it? The "death rate” is reported ~ 3.5%, when compared to the less than 1% death rate from the flu, that is CRAZY high. However, lets take a breath. We have yet to test most of the COVID cases in the US, so once we confirm more cases (which we will), the death rate will drop since ~80% of those infected typically recover. Those 20% who do worse *appear* to be the elderly and those w chronic med conditions / immunocomromised. The virus stirs up a cytokine storm usually leading to ARDS /resp failure. 🦠 Is there a vaccine? We hope to expect a vaccine in the next 12-18mo 🦠 What can we do? - Do not panic but rather exercise rational concern. Currently, the CDC recommends that if you DO NOT have symptoms or confirmed COVID19 or are a healthcare worker, you DO NOT need a mask. There is a SHORTAGE of masks (specifically N95's which are what health care workers NEED to protect ourselves). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP STEALING MASKS FROM HOSPITALS AND BULK BUYING N95s. These folks are creating a shortage for those who ACTUALLY need them. -WASH YOUR HANDS. A LOT. Soap and water is best and for at least 60s. An alcohol based hand sanitizer works well too. -Stop touching your face. -SOCIALLY ISOLATE. Chill with the hugs and kisses and handshakes if possible. -If you are feeling unwell, STAY HOME and CALL your doc. 🦠

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