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Framed Prints 11x14 and 12x12 inches or smaller include a sawtooth hanger (you'll need a nail and hammer to install). Larger Framed Prints include mounted brackets and a hardware kit, so all you'll need is a hammer.


Scratch-resistant. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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“Where’d your costophrenic angles go, bruh?” • #CHF aka congestive heart failure is a condition of the heart such that the “pump” is not as efficient as it needs to be. Systolic heart failure in particular is a problem with the left ventricle. A LVEF of < 40% means that there is a reduced percentage of blood volume being pumped out of the LV. This can be diagnosed on echocardiogram. An LVEF of >40% is considered heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. When the LV retains left over blood, it will eventually back up the left atrium which in turn backs up into the lungs. The pulmonary capillaries will become congested, exerting a high pressure and a pink frothy fluid will begin collecting in the lung parenchyma. Because of gravity, the fluid will usually collect at the bases which on auscultation will present as crackles, by history as SOB, and by chest xray with costophrenic angle blunting. About 75mL of fluid will cause CXR evidence of costophrenic angle blunting. • Long standing hypertension is usually the culprit although MI or cardiomyopathy among other things may cause HF. Treatment usually includes diuresis (mostly symptomatic relief), neural hormonal blockade with ACE/ARB which has been shown to interfere with cardiac remodeling, if LVEF < 40, spironolactone, and beta blockers. If MI, PCI/CABG and then ASA81/plavix/statin may be necessary. • #heart #heartfailure #chf #medicine #MD #cardiac #step1 #med #FOAM

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