Mini Rhinestone Fortune Sculpture

Dimensions: 2 x 1.5 inches

Add a touch of whimsy to your home with Sarah Luna's Sculpture Fortune Cookies.
Accompanied by an acrylic display block.
Collectable and one of a kind.
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Sculptures are made of rhinestones clay, resin and acrylic.

Sarah Luna's whimsical Sculpture Fortune Cookies are the perfect addition to your shelf or end table. 

Sculptures ship same or next business day.

Sarah is a Texas based contemporary abstract and pop artist.  Her love of color and connection to finding and creating joy is translated in her abstract work, her mounted popsicles and fortune cookie sculptures. Her work is best noted for her play with symbols that portray human connection and nostalgia.  While her mounted popsicles were originally created to spark joy for her daughters after a tough school year, they eventually made their way into homes of family members, friends and now the public with an evolving abstract and collage aesthetic.

My fortune cookie sculptures are inspired by my desire to to maintain my connection and incorporate my heritage into my work. They demonstrate an honoring of this part of me and the family background that is so special and also mysterious to me as an Asian American. While my mother was born and raised in Thailand and celebrates Thai culture she's passed on to me and my children, my grandparents actually immigrated from China. So I often integrate Chinese symbols in my work to pay homage to this part of my ancestry. The fortune cookies also celebrate the nostalgia and enjoyment after a good Chinese meal at a restaurant or take-out. It means we are full, satisfied and ready to know what the future holds. The fortunes are almost always positive and mysterious, like my family's history, and I love that. They symbolize the goodness of humanity and special moments we often take for granted."

Sarah Luna
Houston, TX

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