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Ingrid Ching is an extension of herself: entirely unique, playful, and intricate. Her paintings exploding with dramatic texture and mesmerizing color. As you look deeper into her art you become lost in the many universes within. All of which is drawn from a harmony of elements and experiences throughout her life – the result of an unending desire to express herself and all she’s absorbed. By drawing influence from the wealth of experience and travel that has composed the defining moments in her life. Her abundant inspiration budding from her upbringing in Hong Kong, to her personal development in Australia, and further refinement in the United States. Every location she’s lived in has presented with unique and honest portraits of life. These experiences present themselves as innumerable colors and shapes, creating diverse and plentiful pieces that elicit unfiltered, emotional responses.

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It’s an amazing feeling when people walk into my home and say how their mood is instantly lightened by the art surrounding them! Many don’t know where to begin finding new artists and hidden gems. Knowing ArtSsugar’s mission is to make art accessible is one of the many reasons I am happy to be working alongside them. 

Ingrid Ching

As a person with synesthesia, everything in my life is accompanied by color. This can be experiences, words, food, and people’s aura. All of these things deeply influence my life. It was always hard to find the words to explain this, but through my art, I was able to find a new voice. All of my art comes from my lived personal experiences, and it was obvious to start my exploration with my “Summer Mornings” collection. Like so many I wanted a new beginning finding this with the sun rising. This collection breaths new life with an explosion of color. For a brief moment the world is mine alone. It allowed me to see the world in its purest color way. Life was and is not always easy, much of this is caused by the limitations we place on ourselves. The “Live Lively” collection is a reminder that we must navigate our way through this and allow our true self to shine. The relationships we have created run deep just as we see the colors created by light passing through a prism. My “Lineation” series helps define those relationships between that line of perspective and discovery.

Ingrid Ching