Gina Julian

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Gina Julian is a hard-edge abstraction painter who seeks to explore energy and motion through the use of flat color. She has long been fascinated by the effects of color on the human psyche and enjoys exploring the emotions that can be evoked by varying colors according to hue, saturation and value. Her color palettes are often experimentations of how colors interact with each other, and how the perception of color can be altered based on its surroundings. Gina also uses color variations to suggest movement in her works, often giving the viewer multiple perspectives on the direction of her crisp lines. She classifies her work as Optical Art. Gina was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. With over 20 years of art direction, publishing and web development experience under her belt, she now enjoys painting full-time from her studio in Franklin, Tennessee.

Every household needs a good candy dish or catch-all dish. But when it's not being used as a dish it serves as a bold and cheerful piece of art! Why not give mothers something useful that will make them smile and brighten their home at the same time? - Gina Julian
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My Op Art designs are a direct reflection of my years spent as an interface designer, coupled with my love of playing with color. Most of my Op Art shapes are symmetrical in nature and this allows me to play with asymmetrical color combinations. I love delighting my collectors with unexpected color palettes!

Gina Julian
Franklin, TN

I am personally passionate about this collaboration because I love when artists today look to art history to inform their artistic choices and op-art is one of my favorite movements. Op - Art came into prominence in the 1960s as artists were using geometric forms to render optical effects that drew on perception, color theory and psychology. Gina, clearly a color theory expert, looks to this movement, as she systematically renders lines of bold colors that create such dynamism when placed side by side, an actual pulsation can be perceived by the human eye. A master of optical illusion, anything Gina creates jumps right off wall, and in the case with the dish, right off your table, shelf or nightstand.

Alix Greenberg
Founder, ArtSugar