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ArtSugar has come a long way since launching on October 30, 2017 selling over 500 units, and recently collaborating with Zola, Gilt and more. We just launched an iFundWomen campaign to keep up with our growth. You can support our campaign by purchasing ArtSugar framed limited edition prints and custom portraiture at exclusive iFundWomen pricing (which is less than on! There are non-art rewards too - we even have tennis balls! Learn more about ArtSugar and our growth below and support us by clicking this link: ArtSugar | iFundWomen

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ArtSugar is an ecommerce platform that sells affordable art by globally sourced artists with large, passionate Instagram followings.

HERE'S THE PROBLEM: There are hundreds of thousands of popular, underrepresented artists, with huge social media followings, who are not monetizing their art efficiently. These amazing artists struggle to build a business, i.e. selling and distributing their own work, due to cumbersome logistics and marketing challenges beyond their own social media followings. 

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ARTSUGAR IS THE SOLUTION: ArtSugar solves this problem by providing a technology solution that removes these roadblocks, so that artists can create and sell, without the headache of managing backend logistics.

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ArtSugar provides the platform, takes care of customer service, printing, shipping, framing, and logistics. ArtSugar simplifies the complex business of art, from start to finish, so that our artists can focus on their craft, and customers from around the world can own pieces from their favorite Instagram artists, like Mike Natter:

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Our target customers are millennials, who shop for art on Instagram, and who are looking to decorate their homes or dorms on a budget. There are 1 billion millennials on Instagram, and ~430M millennials are discovering & buying art on Instagram. ArtSugar is already on our way to capitalizing on this big market opportunity, not only through ecommerce sales on our own site, but through marquee partnerships with millennial brands like Zola, Dormify, Gilt and Wayfair. These partnerships help increase our market awareness - more eyes on the prize! 

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We are reaching our customers now through Art Sugar's Influencer Marketing and Student Ambassadors Program. Our Ambassadors represent ArtSugar at their schools and help us grow through word of mouth and promotion of our product. 

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ArtSugar donates 5% to one of our pre-vetted charitable partners with every purchase. We have already donated thousands of dollars to several wonderful causes. From cause marketing to product donations, ArtSugar supports 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations in a variety of ways.

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ArtSugar launched on October 30, 2017. Since launch we have sold over 500 works of art on a shoe string budget. With your help, ArtSugar can keep up with our growth, increase our market reach by powering our marketing initiatives, and on board more and more artists everyday. With 10 years of art world experience behind me, I built ArtSugar's platform to enable artists with large social media followings to connect with a broader marketplace. I have a BFA from Cornell with a concentration in Painting and an MA in the Art Market from Christie's Education. As an artist who thinks like a business person, I am able to build strong relationships with artists and scale an online art business. Help me get this brand to the next level!

Thank you!

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$1,800 | The Purple Unicorn | Our Generous Humans | Being a Purple Unicorn means getting listed on a dedicated page on our website ( as a Generous Human, and because of you, 25% of this contribution will be donated to CodePurple Now, the only national awareness and advocacy campaign to drive a bold new approach to federal pancreatic cancer research. We feel strongly about this cause in particuar because of Alix's personal connection to the disease.


$0 or more | The Supporter | Thank you for your support of the official launch of ArtSugar! We welcome contributions here in any amount.

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$35 | Reward: The Champion | As a thank you for your support, get 3 ArtSugar tennis balls to improve your game.  

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$50 | Reward: The Health Nut | The Doctor is in! | 1 Framed Limited Edition print by Mike Natter. Your choice: Anatomical Brain Splatter or Splatter Emotional Capacity. 

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$70 | Reward: The Health Nut 2 | The Doctor is really in! | Get both: 2 Framed Limited Edition prints by Mike Natter. Anatomical Brain Splatter and Splatter Emotional Capacity. 

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$80 | Reward: The Good Vibes Junkie | Framed Limited Edition print by Australian Artist Jaxon Roberts | Choice of any of these 6 photographs at the iFundWomen exclusive price.

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$120 | Reward: The Diamond Gal | iFundWomen Exclusive Artwork | The iFundWomen Exclusive Print in purple | Shine Bright Like A Diamond by Ukrainian artist Anna Panchenko now in purple just for this iFundWomen campaign.

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$250 | Reward: The Renegade | Ditch the headshot | Be a little out of the box. Get your portrait drawn for corporate use or for your about us page on your website. You will get an original on 5x7" archival paper, and we'll scan and email it at the highest resolution possible. All we need is a photo of you and Alix will draw.

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$500 | Reward: The Customizer | Custom Portrait by ArtSugar Founder, Alix Greenberg | Turn a memory into art: Send us a photo and Alix will draw it. The best, most thoughtful gift for your kids, pets, parents, and friends. The iFundWomen price is $500, which includes a wood frame in black, white or a funky color - your choice!

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