Yellow Little Hug Resin Sculpture

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Made of 3 pounds of resin, each sculpture stands 7 inches tall.

Inspired by artists like Duchamp and Warhol and the notion of the Readymade, artist Jenna Morello turns an ordinary object that is usually overlooked into art with her multi-faceted resin sculptures that will add a pop of color to your favorite space and spark conversation.

For the nostalgia seeker and art enthusiast, this Yellow Little Hug Resin Sculpture is a little piece of New York you can take home. Crafted through an old-style casting method once used for set and stage design before 3D printing made its entrance, it may not be created with advanced technology, but it still carries a timeless charm. A perfect size of 7x3 inches with a light weight of 3 pounds, this sculpture will make a subtle impression in any room without taking too much space or becoming cumbersome. Its universal shape was designed to bring positive feelings and good vibes to the people living there.

Bring home your own little piece of New York with this distinctive resin sculpture, providing an intimate connection with the cityscape’s energy and vibrance that no other decoration can match.

All ArtSugar products are made with eco-friendly materials.

They were grown through a process that’s used for old school stage design. Not 3D printed, everything on these sculptures is unique.

7x3 inches, weighing 3lbs

Made of resin

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Jenna Morello is a multi-disciplinary artist from Brooklyn, New York. She is equally at home creating large-scale bold, expressive walls as well as meticulously crafted sculptures. She mixes and matches multiple mediums to create nature-based, sometimes anatomical art that speaks for itself. Her work is sold internationally and her murals can be seen around the world. She has completed projects for such groups as The Ritz Carlton, The World Trade Center, Universal Music Group, Macy's, and The Superbowl and has been featured in The New York Times and Forbes.

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