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Artistic, Creative, Driven, Imaginative! Frances Maass, the creator of Blueberry Glitter Interiors, Vivian Ferne, Vivian Ferne Kids, and Wallpaper Orchard, is a gifted artist and business owner. From a young age, Frances exhibited artistic talent that was developed through her own exploration and encouragement from her teachers and family. Art pieces, clothing design and interior design—all things visual were designed and produced with enthusiasm and amazing use of color. After completing her degree in Art History at Arizona State University, Frances continued to engage in her love of art and design while working at AK Athletics. She continued to design products while developing her small business management skills. In 2018 Frances launched Blueberry Glitter Interiors which included custom art pieces. Her creative and colorful style was soon sought by Interior designers, businesses, and individuals. Some art pieces were licensed by a major retailer to use as murals in the designer area of stores. Vivian Ferne, named for her daughter, was launched to meet additional requests for larger murals, custom fabric and pillows that feature the Blueberry Glitter Interiors artwork. The brand further expanded to include Vivian Ferne Kids and Wallpaper Orchard. Frances lives in Columbus, Ohio with her two children, husband, dogs, a cat, and a bird!


by Frances Maass

of Vivian Ferne

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