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I enjoy the spiral build up of creating a rose and I was interested in the connectivity between luxury and nature. So much of this series was inspired by car paint: the sheen, the sleekness, and luxe finish that creates almost a mirror effect. I wanted to see If I could mimic that texture - that sparkle - in my own resin experiments. The materials I landed on lasted and took the paint and resin the best.  I used MDF instead of wood to paint on because there’s no grain to indent, and used metal flakes to create the sparkle and multiple layers of resin.

Jenna Morello
Brooklyn, NY


Jenna Morello is a multi-disciplinary artist from Brooklyn, New York. She is equally at home creating large-scale bold, expressive walls as well as meticulously crafted sculptures. She mixes and matches multiple mediums to create nature-based, sometimes anatomical art that speaks for itself. Her work is sold internationally and her murals can be seen around the world. She has completed projects for such groups as The Ritz Carlton, The World Trade Center, Universal Music Group, Macy's, and The Superbowl and has been featured in The New York Times and Forbes.