Georgina Kreutzer


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      Ethereal textures and a soft colour palette, often juxtaposed with instances of metallics and high detailed focal points, typically identify Georgina Kreutzer’s artwork. Shadow and light are consistently used to facilitate expression of tone – a powerful technique Georgina appreciated since first studying Caravaggio’s high contrast paintings. Her favourite artists are those whose work conjures absolute focus within the viewer – quietly demanding immersion within the complete image, and often a slower breath. Elioth Gruner and Claude Monet were the first to have this profound impact on her. During her undergraduate architectural degree Georgina began posting her work online, gradually gaining interest among a following of other enthused, creative individuals. Her originals and prints hang in homes across Australia, New Zealand, North America, South East Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. As of 2017 she lives in the northern wine region of Perth, Australia with her husband Phil and their golden retriever puppy. (She’ll call anywhere with mountains beside the sea home, though.)