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Donna Adi

Donna is a mixed-media artist from Los Angeles. She has always had an interest in art and fashion and over the last 10 years, she has studied 2D animation, graphic design, concept art, classic art, fashion merchandising, while working in the business of fashion and doing fashion photography on the side. After a long period of working in fashion, Donna felt the urge to establish her own platform. She wanted to develop her own style of art that combined her love for fashion photography with illustration and animation. Donna started posting her art online as a hobby in January 2017 and it became clear to her that her creations really struck a chord with people around the world. Her side-project has developed into a full-time occupation, and she is currently making animations for clothing designers, personal clients, cafes and many influencers. Donna does this because she believes in mixing art forms and can see that it brings a lot of happiness to her audience. Photos don’t always need to be so serious and sometimes adding an animated twist can give the viewer so much more. Donna tries to tell a story through her photos and illustrate something unexpected that sparks her imagination in every piece she makes.