Theme NYC X ArtSugar

It's here! The Theme for ArtSugar capsule collection. Five tie-dye framed prints created by Ari Maizner, sold exclusively on ArtSugar. With each purchase, we are donating to Gyrl Wonder, a professional pipeline 501c3 developing the next generation of gyrl leaders (17-23) through social impact, career exploration and objective alignment. 

Meet Ariella. 11 years old from NYC, Founder of @Theme_NYC, and the next fashion powerhouse. 

Ariella started sewing and designing when she was 6 years old. She launched her collection at 9 and her journey has captured the hearts of people around the world. She was the youngest designer presented at New York Fashion Week 2019. Ariella launched her handmade tie dye in December 2018, setting the stage for the now tie dye obsession. Theme is worn and loved by some of the biggest names in fashion, social and Hollywood. Each one is a true work of art; prettier than the next.

During quarantine, Ariella started photographing her original tie-dye to create breathtaking art pieces for your home and knew she wanted to partner with ArtSugar to sell them since they give back with each purchase. She named each one after a word that inspires hope for a better future. 

When Ariella met Founder Alix Greenberg they bonded over their love of art and giving back."I am so excited to share my first collection with the ArtSugar community and do good together.” A portion of the proceeds will support the non-profit Gyrl Wonder, which quips young women of color with the toolkit necessary to turn interests into a career, just like Ariella has.

Collect one or all of these signed limited edition pieces. Get lost in the mix of bright colors that inspire fresh ideas and happiness!

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