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Introducing By Robyn Blair

We are thrilled to welcome By Robyn Blair to ArtSugar! With the popularity of Robyn Davidson's In Case of Emergency Break Glass series made up of seven sculptural handing boxes filled to the brim with popular American candy brands, Robyn chose to partner with ArtSugar so more people could enjoy these sweet creations. By producing Limited Edition prints, not only is there more By Robyn Blair to go around, but by launching in a more assessable price category, it's now almost too easy to bring happiness to any home, no matter the budget. With Robyn's love for the sweeter things, she was immediately drawn to ArtSugar's mission of giving back and aligns herself with our motto "Art makes life sweet. Giving back makes it sweeter." And, although By Robyn Blair is such a new brand, instilling a charitable element in her work is important to the artist from the beginning.  

Robyn's life-long love for candy is not only evident in the art she creates - in fact, Robyn's kitchen is covered in Sugarfina candy! Her sweet tooth developed during a happy childhood spent in Potomac, Maryland. After earning a BA in Psychology, she worked in fashion and marketing, building brands from the ground up for nearly a decade.  She currently resides in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, among the best galleries in the world. With lollipops, gum drops and gummy bears pouring out of every crevice of her apartment, Robyn decided her walls were in need of some sugary goodness as well, and so By Robyn Blair was born. Turning her candy obsession into art, these works, originally created as customizable plexiglass vessels, are designed to display ones sweetest desires - each piece of art is a cheeky nod to self-control, how and when we indulge, and the idea that life should be filled with the sweeter things. 

ArtSugar is honored to present these works as fine art prints, making the edible artable. 

Shop By Robyn Blair here.



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